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CRN30 Comfort Glow Plaque Infrared Ventless Heater

Comfort glow plaque infrared ventless heater and plaque infrared ventless heater accessories for Comfort glow, Glow warm, Reddy and Vanguard by Desa

The CRN30 Comfort Glow ventless heater is a space saving 30,000 btu natural gas plaque infrared heater, this space heater has manual controls.The CRN30 Comfort Glow ventless heater requires no electricity to run which makes them ideal for emergency and back up heating. For more information use the link at the top of this page to get an owners manual online.

Note: The CRN30 plaque infrared heater can not be used in a bedroom or bathroom.

Note: A ventless heater greater than 6,000 btu can not be used in bathrooms,
and ventless heater greater than 10,000 btu can not be used in bedrooms.


Information for Desa heating products listed under the brand names of Reddy, Glow warm and Comfort Glow. Our types of products include ventless fireplace systems, ventless heater products, ventless gas log sets, ventless cast iron stove units, and our ventless heater products include the: Reddy blueflame ventless heater, Glow warm blue flame ventless heater, Glow warm plaque infrared ventless heater and Comfort Glow plaque infrared ventless heater, blueflame heater, tower heater and solar fusion heater units.

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